The 13th Victress Awards in Berlin

A strong award for strong women!

Caviar on ice at Victress Awards 2018


 On Monday, 09th April 2018, the Victress Awards Gala took place in Berlin and Attilus Caviar was provided for the tasting.

It is a wonderful day in Berlin. It is beautiful weather and a huge amount of people is making a pilgrimage to the concert hall of the Berlin University of the Arts.

But why? Because, the Victress Awards invited different women, men and celebrities, to pay homage, to strong women, which were awarded in six different categories. Successful founders, women entrepreneurs with special social commitment and women with strong visions – they all are here, to enjoy the evening and to receive their appreciation.

TV moderator Cherno Jobatey leads through the evening, but many other celebrities, such as Ruth Moschner, Jette Joop and many more, will also be seen on the red carpet that night.

The first award of the evening, the Victress of the Year Award, this year was awarded to the disabled rights activist and perfume and jewelery label founder Sabine Aurèlia. She was honored with a moving eulogy by Gedeon Burkhard.

Awarded for the first time this year, the Victress International Award was presented by speaker Nelly Kostadinova and was handed over with pride, to fashion designer and co-founder of Independent Afghan Women's Association Laila Noor.

The next appreciation, the Victress Vital Award, was handed over by author and TV presenter Dr. Franziska Rubin to Katharina Jünger. She is the founder and CEO of the portal TeleClinic GmbH, which should enable doctors to offer their services via video, telephone and chat.

Wolfgang Bahro was invited as laudatory, to present the Victress Sustainaibilty Award to Christina Grätz. She, together with her company, Nagora Re, is committed to turning old mining areas in the Lusatia into flourishing landscapes again.

The Victress Succesion Award was awarded to Alexandra Knauer. She appreciatedfor being involved into different advisory boards and clubs for many years and also for owning the high-tech company Knauer Scientific Equipment. The trophy was handed over by entrepreneur and politician Lencke Steiner.

Finally, and for the first time, the Heidi Hetzer Future Victress Award, for which the Berlin entrepreneur and world traveler godmother stood, was awarded. Ann-Katrin Reuel was the lucky one, to win this prize for the first time. The 23-year-old, who already holds a Master of Science degree and is about to found her first startup, was delighted to receive a handover from boxer Regina Halmich.

We congratulate all winners of the evening and wish them all the best for the future!

 The winners and laudators of the Victress Awards 2018.

Of course, nobody had to stay hungry this evening. Fortunately, we from Attilus had the chance to supervise a caviar bar, ready to strengthen all, after this great evening, to survive even the aftershow party.

Attilus Caviar Fingerfood at Victress Award 2018

Aftershowparty at the Victress Awards 2018 at Attilus Caviar Bar

Pictures: ©Attilus GmbH, ©Agentur Baganz/Victress

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