Valentine's Day with Attilus Caviar

Attilus Caviar on iced hearts

Caviar by Attilus for a very special Valentine's Day

Each couple looks back on at least one or even more special memories of their time together. This may be the first date, the first kiss, or just moments and memories that were very intimate and unique.

But one holiday of love all have in common: On 14th February is Valentine's Day and all couples celebrate on almost every continent - albeit with different rituals - the day of their intimate connection. How this happens depends on the wishes and demands of the couple. Above all, the gastronomy has reacted to the special day and offers special romantic dinners with exquisitely tailored to the day menus in a tasteful atmosphere.

Couples who want to stay among themselves often choose a Valentine's party in their own home. Nevertheless, this extraordinary day should be celebrated with special culinary delights. What could be better than spoiling the partner with the finest caviar? Caviar has an exclusive and luxurious status and is even known as a true and above all very delicate aphrodisiac; the lust-enhancing effect results from the high protein and mineral content of the black gold. Lovers who want to indulge in caviar will find in our exquisite assortment the aphrodisiac for unforgettable hours.


Perfect partners: Caviar by Attilus and champagne

Our Royal Oscietra Caviar and Royal Siberian Caviar are characterized by their excellent taste and wonderful coloring.

Romantic music, candlelight, a festive table and the perfectly matched porcelain with special caviar spoons made of mother of pearl contribute to our caviar's inimitable, refined taste. In order not to falsify the characteristic caviar flavor, crackers or blinis go well with this unique delicacy. For an intimate dinner with caviar, it is also more than adequate not to save on champagne; ideally choose a high-quality champagne, a dry variety such as Brut or Extra Sec.


A festival of the senses

A few days before Valentine's Day, we offer our high quality caviar as a couple, that is. two cans of the same content, for the incomparable preferential price. Whether you choose Royal Oscietra Caviar or Royal Siberian Caviar, it's up to you. But it is clear that our quality products promise a feast of taste - not only on Valentine's Day.

We wish you a great Valentine's Day
Your Attilus-Team!


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